Hyperion Contractors

Oxford’s Hyperion contractors are proficient in each segment within the Hyperion product line, including:

  • Strategy Management
  • Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
  • OBIEE Plus
  • Financial Close and Reporting
  • Profitability and Cost Management
  • Oracle Essbase
  • Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management

Oxford’s Hyperion contractors have worked with energy, aerospace/defense and health insurance companies to set up and track sustainable goals for their businesses, providing a diversity of engagements for our Hyperion contractors.

Oxford filled the majority of the Hyperion freelance engagements for which we competed in the last year, and it is because we are dedicated to seeking out the engagements that our contractors will find most fulfilling.

If you have an interest in working as a Hyperion freelancer, let Oxford help you find your next great engagement. 

Download a Hyperion datasheet, find out if you’re a good fit with Oxford, or submit your CV today.